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ROI Calculator -Calculate the Return on Investment app

ROI Calculator - Calculate the return of your investment

ROI Calculator is the easiest and excellent app for calculating the profit percentage from an investment. With an Annualized ROI

In finance, Return on Investment, known as ROI, is a common, metric used to evaluate
the forecasted profitability on an investment.

ROI calculator is a kind of investment calculator that enables you to estimate the profit or loss on your

If the calculation process of ROI is known, then it's easier to foresee the results of an investment.

ROI may be confused with ROR, or rate of return. Sometimes, they can be used interchangeably, but there is a big difference: ROR can denote a period of time, often annually, while ROI doesn't.

The basic formula for ROI is:

Formula : (Gain from Investment- Initial Invested Amount) / Initial Invested Amount ) x 100

In real life, the investment risk and other situations are not reflected in the ROI rate, so even though higher annualized ROI is preferred, it is not uncommon to see lower ROI investments are favored for their lower risk or other favorable conditions. Many times, ROI cannot be directly measured, such as the investment of advertising a product. The ROI in such situations is normally estimated via the marginal sales benefit or brand recognition.

Information for use:~

Only need to enter the investment amount in the initial investment box and the earning amount in your
earning box.
Then hit the button 'Calculate'. The return on investment will be generated.

● simple and easy app to use
● Fast calculation - done in just a few seconds
● Loss percentage will be calculated in negative
● Free App - cost $0
● Doesn't require any personal information such as credit card information, etc.
● Fast way to foresee your investments

The ROI Calculator is an app developed by Belchior Pinto.

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