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Rome 2077: Tactics


Turn-based strategy with tactics in Rome 2077 space world


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Nov 29, 2021

Rome 2077: Tactics Game

A wave of uprisings swept the republic. More and more star systems began to go over to the side of the rebels. And it was at this time that the longtime enemy of the Republic - the Alliance - was announced. The strategy of the alliance was precisely calibrated: to attack exactly when the Republic was weakened by an uprising. Every step was thought out in advance - an impeccable tactic.
Teaming up with the rebels, the Alliance swiftly begins to take over the Republican star systems. In this battle, the outcome of the Republic is visible. Can she resist? Show your tactical skills in turn-based strategy to reach the end of the Great Battle!

1. Turn-based strategy with economics, resource management, position defence, battles and more
2. Tactics battles on hexagon field
3. Two different Fractions
4. Around 100 types of Space Ships with different weapons, shields, etc.
5. Full single player offline Campaign
6. Multiplayer - play with your friends online
7. Skirmish mode – play with AI or your friend offline on one device

Try yourself in this turn-based strategy, improve your tactics skills and lead your units to the victory!
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