Simple and educational app to define root, why gain root, and how to check root!



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The names of the individual sections in Root for Android - All About: What is Android Root? Why do people want Root? How does Rooting work? How to Verify Root? What are Android Bootloaders?

Each section is answered in accurate and helpful detail. Definitions are provided, examples are shared, sources are cited, and links are given for further research.

There is also a section covering the most common: Frequently Asked Questions about Rooting. The technical sections address the following topics (in relation to Rooting): Bootloaders, Ownership and Permissions, and Setuid and Setgid.

The goal is to help all users understand more about Android Root. After a lot of research and experience helping 10s of millions of users understand the main topics, such as What Android Root Is, How Android Root Works, and some of the most common methods used for gaining Android Root (superuser) access, I have organized the most important and common details into this one simple application, Root for Android - All About.

As a primer and summary, Android rooting covers the process of attaining privileged control ("root" or "superuser" access) on an Android device.

Please let me know via email, IRC, or posts on the common forums, whether the information is helpful, unhelpful, missing details, contains too many details, etc. I appreciate all feedback. Thank you for your support and reading all of my description!!!

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What's New

Version 1.3.5-1.3.0
** Updated Terminology and FAQ
** Added Overview to Text-to-Speech
** Added IAP for Removing Ads
** Bug fixes
** Added Text-to-Speech
** Minor content updates and bug fixes
Version 1.2.9
** Added Terminology section
** Updated content
** Added Google Search Indexing
** Minor bug fixes
Version 1.2.8
** Added Bootloader section
** Updated FAQ
** Added overview
** Fixed bugs
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1.3.5 (20)Jul 16, 2015
1.3.4 (19)Jul 02, 2015
1.3.2 (17)Jun 13, 2015
1.3.0 (15)May 11, 2015
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