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Jan 13, 2017
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Rosario Biblico APP

Only spanish for now ...
Now he is able to read each of the texts,
with that more memory is saved.
For next version will insert audio
and translate all the English, Portuguese later.

In this application you will find:

The Joyful Mysteries (Biblical)
The Sorrowful Mysteries (Biblical)
The Glorious Mysteries (Biblical)
The Luminous Mysteries (Biblical)
(Litany included in rosaries)
Rosario Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Rosary of the Passion of Our Lord
Rosario the Holy Spirit
Rosario OF MERCY
Rosario to San Miguel Archangel
One hundred Requiem for the Holy Souls in Purgatory


Prayer Sacred Passion
15 Prayers of St. Brigida
Prayer to St. Joseph
Make me an instrument of your peace
Salve Regina
Prayer to Saint Michael
credo Largo
Apostles Creed
Our father
Ave Maria

Novena bonuses or Christmas

Receipt suggestions, This program is free and prayers for me and my family is appreciated. Thanks to those who help me with your donations.

God bless you as Jacob and blessed them abundantly and that this serves to connect more to God and feel His love in these practices of prayer and meditation :)

No internet required for the above prayers and rosaries
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