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Many people believe that this type of flower has different meanings according to the color. Want to know the meaning of each color ?? Curious ikutin deh.
red roses
Red symbolizes love, beauty, respect, romance and even as a compliment. Basically, it means bold red color. But if interpreted as flower color, red color symbolizes the love and affection that is very deep.
white roses
White roses are often regarded as a symbol of true love, chastity, purity of heart and majesty. Not only for a girlfriend or significant others, the white rose is also right given to friends, because white reflects the true friendship.
yellow roses
yellow roses suitable for troubled couples who are quarrelsome. This yellow roses symbolize friendship, kinship, joy and excitement. But there is also a perception of yellow flowers as an expression of hate and jealousy.
black roses
black color tends synonymous with feelings of hatred, grief, or something mysterious. Although the black color instead of natural color but rather the result of genetic engineering but black roses remains a favorite star.
blue Rose
blue rose symbolizes sincerity of feelings because genetically engineered with all the colors of roses that make a blue rose has the advantages of all the roses (red, yellow, white, black). Blue rose is traditionally created by a deadly white roses and hold the pigment so that there is a major pigment producer in blue only.
rainbow rose
rainbow rose beautiful colors were made on each petals, formed naturally through natural coloring through the trunk during the growth period. Simply by allowing the rod to absorb the dye when the flower bud. Rose petals will instantly display the colors are absorbed.

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