The rose is one of the bushes that has a unique shape

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The rose is one of the bushes that has a unique shape. The name of the rose itself is taken from the word Rosa or Rose that shows the name of the place of origin. This type of flower has more than 100 species spread all over the world. Most of them grow in the northern hemisphere that has cool air. In general, all species of rose bushes have a thorny stem. Not only that, this plant also has the ability to grow up to 5 meters.

In fact, there is also a type of rose that reaches 20 meters high. However, this type of rose is very difficult to find because of its life that propagates in other plants.

Most species of rose bushes have a leaf length of about 4 to 15 centimeters. The shape of his position was two or two opposites. The compound leaf that is owned by this plant consists of approximately 3 to 13 children leaves and leaves stipula (penumpu).

Leaves stipules have a shape that tends to oval, the edge beringgit, spiked on the stem, bone pinnate and the tip of the leaf was pointed. The spines on the stem of the roses are located on the lower stem. More precisely sticks attached to the ground.

Did you know that the actual rose plant is not a plant that goes into the tropical bush crop category. Why is that? Because most of these species of plants threshed their leaves during the spring. However, this is only done by rose plants that are in asia.

This flower has 5 pieces of crown leaf. Except the type of roses serica which has only 4 pieces of crown leaves at the end of the flower. The type of roses that have 5 pieces of crown leaves are red roses, white, blue, pink, yellow and several other types. Ovarinya also located at the bottom of the crown and leaves petals.

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