Rose Keypad Lock Screen APK

A brand new “phone lock app” with colorful roses for a prettier lock screen!

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UpdatedJul 25, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperLaFleur Designs
CategoryApps, Personalization

❃ How would you like to experience your screen lock through a whole new perspective using “beautiful pictures of roses”? The ✥ Rose Keypad Lock Screen ✥ will enable you to do that! This stunningly beautiful “flower lockscreen” is embellished with many wonderful “rose lock screen wallpaper” images that will make keeping your files safe a true enjoyment. You simply won't be able to resist the endearing “rose theme”! If you're searching for a “security lock” that both keeps your smartphone safe and makes it more attractive, then download the ✥ Rose Keypad Lock Screen ✥! Security doesn't always have to be boring, and this “flower lock screen wallpaper” app is the proof!


How to enable your brand new “lock screen for girls”:

1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box in options;
2. Type in the password you want, and re-enter for confirmation;
3. Edit your screen locker however you want!

These are the features which the ✥ Rose Keypad Lock Screen ✥ gives you:

➦ Apply the fantastic “rose flowers wallpapers” to shower your locked display with adorable rose petals!
➦ Choose from our large selection of “flower images wallpapers” at your disposal!
➦ Set up your clock with either a 12 or a 24-hour system!
➦ Select a date display you prefer more!
➦ Show or hide the battery the battery life!
➦ Customize this “rose app lock” to create a lock screen that looks exactly the way you envisioned it!
➦ Leave a comment and a rating on our safety app – we truly appreciate all feedback that you have for us!


❃ The reason we use this “lock screen theme” for our ✥ Rose Keypad Lock Screen ✥ is really quite simple – roses are the universally considered the most impressive flowers in the world. There are some fun facts to support this claim, the first simply being that a survey conducted with over 30,000 gardeners confirmed that. It turned out that roses are overwhelmingly more popular than any other flower. Also, there are hundreds of rose species even though it may not seem like it. They grow in different areas in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Each color of roses symbolizes something different; the red ones stand for love, the pink ones mean grace, orange is for fascination, and the white ones imply purity. Another interesting fact is that these plants are grown in numbers over 100 million for Valentine's Day, so they seem like a perfect match for a “Valentines Day wallpaper” for your phone!

❃ Remember that this is not just a cute lock screen meant to look pretty, but also a secure “password app lock” that will make sure no one gets to your precious data without your approval. Just set up a long enough password with a combination of letters and numbers, and you will turn your smart device into an impenetrable fortress! There are many curious people that just can't wait to get their hands on other people's private messages or photos, but they don't stand a chance against this high-end protection app!

❃ Your search for the most breathtaking “app security lock” has finally ended. The ✥ Rose Keypad Lock Screen ✥ is really the best of the best! Just click on that Download button, and you'll have cute rose images adorning your locked display! It's a user-friendly rose app for all ages and genders!

Email: lafleurdesigns147@gmail.com

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