Zipper up your screen to safety using a gorgeous “rose flower pic”!


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Jun 19, 2019

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Rose Theme Zipper Lock Screen APP

✲ It's the most fabulous combination for a “stylish lock screen” you'll ever see! The ✾ Rose Theme Zipper Lock Screen ✾ is a brand new security app that provides you with “rose flowers wallpapers” galore to put on your “zip app lock”, and make it the most beautiful screen locker in the world. In case you are looking for “zipper lock screens free for girls”, this is where you can stop 'cause you've just found the best one! This “flower lockscreen” will totally blow you away with its originality and a unique style. The most amazing “rose app lock” is just one click away! As soon as you get the ✾ Rose Theme Zipper Lock Screen ✾ installed, you will see just how interesting locking your phone can be!


Setting up the new “flower lock screen wallpaper” in steps:
1. Select the 'Enable lock screen' box field;
2. Enter the passcode you want, then enter again to confirm it;
3. Enjoy your fresh lock screen appearance!

Here is what you will be able to do using our awesome lock wallpaper:

✇ Set up a “rose wallpaper HD” for your locked display to get that full embellishment you want;
✇ The modern “zip lock screen for girls” self-activates every time you power up your phone;
✇ Personalize your screen lock to the point where it is wholly original;
✇ Choose from a big selection of “rose background images” to decorate your screen with;
✇ Zip up the zipper app horizontally or vertically by your own choice;
✇ See a free preview of your lock screen design before deciding to stick with it;
✇ Rate and comment on our rose zipper to give us your very much appreciated feedback!


✲ Zippers have been considered one of the most popular fashion accessories for a long time, and now you can use them in the form of a “zipper lock screen with password”! Thanks to the ✾ Rose Theme Zipper Lock Screen ✾, you can enjoy a very practical way of opening of your display. You will simply be unable to look away from the locked display! It is very playful and provides top-notch security as well. If someone tries to forcibly break into your smart device, they will be stopped by this safety app. Even though it looks innocent and cute, don't let its pretty face fool you! No one will be able to break into it without your permission.

✲ The most remarkable aspect of this “security lock”, however, is undoubtedly the “rose flower pictures” adorning every corner of the locked display. Roses are statistically the most popular kind of flowers in the world. Although it doesn't really seem like it, there are over 100 different kinds of roses in the world. There are various colors of roses, including, yellow, red, white, pink, orange but, contrary to popular belief, there are no black roses. They are just a darker shade of red as a matter of fact. Roses can also survive for very long periods of time. There is a famous thousand-year-old rose in Germany which serves as a firm proof of that.

✲ Click the download button, and become a proud owner of the coolest “flower app lock” on the internet! The ✾ Rose Theme Zipper Lock Screen ✾ is here to rock your world! No matter how old you are or what gender you are, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful pictures of roses which adorn the zipper locker! Let this new application completely transform your cellphone!
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