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Roses Gallery live wallpaper

Version1.8 (8)
UpdatedOct 22, 2019 (9 months ago)
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VERSION UPDATING: modified version Roses Gallery live wallpaper. changes at the request of users. Correction of errors and inaccuracies.
Kiss Rose has no name.
Love is like a rose: look the part - a beautiful, take in hand - prickly. Rose Flower, her fallen petals similar to our feelings.
Roses Gallery live wallpaper - a great new app. Mobile application Roses Gallery live wallpaper is perfect for your new smartphone! The application Roses Gallery live wallpaper has a number of advantages - compatibility with almost all devices, does not need for permanent Internet connection, economical battery consumption, simple user interface settings.
Roses Gallery live wallpaper - nice and simple live wallpaper with a select graphics, beautiful effects and believable animation. Distributed free of charge.
Roses Gallery live wallpaper - realistic animation in combination with high-quality graphics. Pictures of App Roses Gallery live wallpaper will help you deal with the application configuration capabilities.
Quick access to the setup menu by double touching the screen. Disabling call option settings by double-tapping in the basic settings.
Tap the center of the screen and hear the beautiful sound applications. You can also mute yourself.
In the scenario of live wallpaper Roses Gallery live wallpaper involved an additional animated National Objects. Setting controls the amount of each animation object.
The application Roses Gallery live wallpaper realizes the realistic effect of water droplets on the glass. Drops of water on the phone's glass are scattered in a random order. At the touch of a drop, the dew changes the trajectory of motion.
In the application there is an on / off module on the front layer.
In the application Roses Gallery live wallpaper there is a sparking layer effect - flickering stars and fireflies are scattered randomly around the entire background. Unobtrusive flicker gives the image an additional charm.
Application Roses Gallery live wallpaper can be used on most phones and tablets. New versions of this app out periodically, depending on popularity among users.
Let us know in the mail about your problems installing or using the application. Animated wallpapers contain advertising.
ORDER SETTING Roses Gallery live wallpaper:
1. Set the live wallpaper Roses Gallery live wallpaper on a tablet or phone.
2. Run the application Roses Gallery live wallpaper using the icons in the main menu.
3. After downloading the app opens in a new window to preview. - Run the application on the main screen.

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