Roster Minder for Airline Crew APK

Import your airline roster, auto remind upcoming duty, export to share calendar

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UpdatedSep 13, 2020 (1 month ago)
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** We can´t answer to the comments in details. If you have problems or bug report or suggestion, please write us an email at support@rosterminder.com. We will do our best to improve or fix it. **

Roster Minder is a simple and easy reminding application designed to help airline crews to download and organize their duties smartly with series of personalized notifications for coming duty automatically. It can greatly minimize the chance to miss a duty.

Features include:
* List your current roster duties and details;
* Remind you the coming duty in 1 day advance at your specific time of day;
* Fetch destination weather forecasts and MOTAR/TAF/NOTAM data for pilots;
* Remind you to get ready for your trip, update destination weather forecasts;
* Remind you to catch a transport for your assembly point;
* Briefing time reminder;
* Option to auto switch phone to silent mode at briefing time;
* Boarding reminder;
* Departure reminder for switching your phone to flight mode;
* Flight Time report for specified date period;
* Calculate earnings from flight time based on your hourly rate;
* Bar/Food/DutyFree sales commission tracker;
* Duty data backup & restore;
* Duty logbook monthly archiving;
* Compatible to standby duty manual input, just enter your base airport code into the sector field, duty starting time into Dep-Time field, and duty ending time into Arr-Time field.

Certain airlines are supported with features of roster importing, flight crew list retrieving, auto checking noticeboard, auto checking duty changes and auto importing new roster. We are adding airlines to this support list from time to time. If you want to retrieve your roster from your airline into Roster Minder automatically, please email us to discuss options.

This app can be used by crews from any airline for free with all reminder features but it requires you to enter your schedules manually. Subscribed users from supported airlines are able to bulk import duties into the app, export duties to calendar, duty logbook monthly archiving, etc.

Please NOTE:
All copyright names and images are the property of their owners and are used here only for airline crews to identify their airline. This app is not endorsed, authorized or produced by the property owner.

What's New

- Update to support android 10+;
- Fix force-close raised by Duty Info widget;
- General improvements and bug fixes.

Email: support@rosterminder.com

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