Routerkeygen derivate with UPC router support, adds free


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Jan 20, 2018
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Routerkeygen Yolosec APP

Routerkeygen derivate with UPC router support.
Contains also newer UPC UBEE generator.

UPDATE: Location privilege is required by Android 6+ in order to allow app scan for WiFis.
The reason is the WiFi scan leaks user location (by WiFi MAC maps) so Android won't allow Routerkeygen Yolosec to scan WiFis without you granting location privilege for the app.

Please note we don't use your GPS (feel free to verify that in our source codes) nor send any data anywhere. The application is also Add free!

Application scans all WiFi networks in the range for known vulnerabilities in default WiFi password. For selected vulnerable network it computes several possible passwords and enables to test them all.

Application enables to save computed passwords to a file or load configuration files for some vulnerabilities (not related to UPC). For this app needs access to storage. If you are interested in a lightweight application with 0 required permissions, try our app "UPC keygen".

This application is based on the awesome Routerkeygen Android application.
For original project please refer to:
Or visit for more information.

Application source codes are released under GPLv3 license here:

Please use the application at your own risk and responsibility. The author takes no responsibility for actions taken with this app or damage caused. It is only for educational and research purposes and to assess your home router security. Do not use the application to connect to networks you are not authorized to, it is illegal.
The Application is not intended as a tool for attackers.
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