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Version2.0.2 (44)
UpdatedSep 03, 2021
DeveloperLergen Style LLP
CategoryApps, Finance

ROY Prizm Wallet app

ROY Prizm Wallet is a PRIZM cryptocurrency mobile wallet.

ROY PRIZM Wallet wallet is specially created by the ROY Club community for simple and convenient use of cryptocurrency by both community members and other people who own PRIZM cryptocurrency.
We made the application as simple, convenient, but at the same time functional and safe. Now you can carry out any operations with PRIZM directly on your phone, without fearing the safety of your funds.

Simplicity and usability
• Free - there are no commissions to the service.
• You can log in to an existing wallet using a mnemonic phrase or create a new wallet in seconds: the system generates a mnemonic phrase that can be saved and immediately logged into the wallet.
• Instant transaction sending.
• Support for a QR code for conveniently receiving and sending payments (scanning a QR code and reading a QR code from an uploaded image).
• Automatically filling out the public key when sending funds, if the recipient wallet address is activated. Checking the correspondence of the address and the public key.
• Detailed transaction information: number of confirmations, comments, etc.
• Message signature: used to confirm that it is you who own the wallet and control the funds stored on it.
• Address book for storing wallet details (Address, Public Key, Transaction Comment) to which you often send funds: fill out the sending form instantly.
• The ability to add multiple wallets in the Settings - Your Wallets section to manage them all from one application.
• Logging in using the address as on the web version, when you get access only to view publicly available information about the address, and to display, sign or view a comment on the transaction, you must enter a mnemonic.

High security
• Only you have access to your funds: the wallet does not store private keys.
• Ability to configure authorization and send funds via PIN-code or Face-ID.

Additional features
• Node selection: you can not use the ROY Prizm Wallet node, but synchronize with another node specified by you.
• Support for multiple languages ​​(Russian, English, Turkish, Hindi, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Khmer, Bengali, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Burmese, Thai, Filipino).
• Web version on the platform
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