RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Fantasy Board Game APK

RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Fantasy Board Game


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NameRPG Dice APK
Version0.700 (73)
UpdatedSep 03, 2021
DeveloperWIMO Games
CategoryGames, Role Playing

RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Fantasy Board Game Game

Adventure RPG - Collect legends, fight turn based battles and roll the dice!

RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone takes you on an adventure through an epic RPG strategy board game. Summon fantasy heroes and save Whitestone from evil. Roll the battle dice in this tabletop RPG to embark on a story-filled magical journey.

After 500 years of peace, Whitestone is under attack and needs your help! Summon RPG heroes and create a team of unbeatable legends. Collect and level up all types of fantasy heroes: paladins, wizards, rogues, and more! Strategy and tactics help you conquer enemies on the game board.

Battle evil orcs, elves & goblins, and complete quests to gain epic rewards! The game board changes as you discover its mysteries and secret paths. Battle dice power up your hero’s attacks to defeat enemies. Collect and level up in this dice RPG to create the perfect roll!

Level up RPG heroes’ stats: resistance, speed, critical chance, and critical damage. Assemble legends, equip gear, and roll forged battle dice. Quests give you the resources to upgrade hero stats, dice, and weapons!

This fantasy RPG game has it all: boss battles, quests and campaigns, relic adventure, dungeon crawls, hero gauntlet battles, guilds, and PvP. Tabletop RPG adventure awaits!

Roll the dice and embark on a story-filled combat adventure today!


PvP, Guilds, Leaderboards & More
- Crush PvP battles! Select & level up legendary heroes to fight against other players in PvP Arenas
- Join a guild with friends! Battle against the ferocious Swine Chief Guild Boss. Collaborate with guildmates to defeat the formidable enemies in the Ziggurat!
- Dominate the leaderboards & claim amazing rewards! Compete and advance through the ranks in PvP Arena leaderboards & guild events

RPG Heroes to Collect
- Assemble a team of legends & embark on a story-filled adventure
- RPG heroes are summoned using Summoning Scrolls
- Collect & level up your heroes: elves, barbarians, sorcerers, orcs & more
- Battle your heroes to amass great strength in this fantasy role playing adventure!

Battle & Complete Quests
- Battle magic foes. Complete quests to gain rewards & recruit allies
- RPG Dice are thrown for each move. Roll battle dice & destroy opponents
- RPG battle strategy determines the destiny of Whitestone & the world

Board Game Adventure
- Tabletop RPG: roll the dice to progress the story with familiar RPG board game mechanics
- Adventure through the game board with every turn in this fantasy dice game
- Battle through a fantasy RPG world with a unique twist on role playing games
- Strategy & tactics (& a little luck!) are needed to crush your foes!
- Roll the tabletop dice and progress through the game board
- Collect battle dice to craft powerful attacks & create the perfect roll

Level Up Legends
- Fantasy games meet RPG: heroes can be upgraded by winning story quests
- This hero RPG lets you level up stats like health, shields, attack, defense & accuracy
- Collect & equip legends with weapons & armor to increase stats in turn based strategy combat

RPG Adventure Game
- Quests & Campaigns: Explore a robust story-driven magic adventure game!
- Relic Adventure: Revisit completed campaign boards & discover relics to upgrade heroes’ skills
- Hero Gauntlet: Battle RPG heroes to win character shards & gauntlet coins!
- Dungeons: Raid dungeons for gear, gold, & elixirs
- Boss Battles: Fight the bosses from each completed game board for epic loot!

Download today & embark on a fantasy role playing adventure to determine Whitestone’s fate!
RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone is completely free to install and play; however, some game items can be purchased for real money.

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