RPS - Rock Paper Scissors (Roshambo) APK

Try to beat my algorithm!

Version2.2 (12)
UpdatedDec 07, 2019 (7 months ago)
DeveloperMichal Galusko
CategoryGames, Brain Games

Try to beat my algorithm! Test your strategy against my two-layer algorithm.

This game is based on the familiar finger guessing game “Rock - Paper - Scissors” (RPS).

Play three rounds to see what I think you will throw.

The rules:
• Rock beats Scissors
• Paper beats Rock
• Scissors beats Paper

Other names for the game:
• Roshambo
• Ick-ack-ock
• Piedra, papel o tijera
• Pierre-feuille-ciseaux
• Schere, Stein, Papier
• Morra cinese (carta-forbice-sasso)
• Pedra, papel e tesoura
• Камень, ножницы, бумага
• Taş-kağıt-makas
• Jan-ken-pon (Janken)
• Fargling
• Cachi-pún
• Burung-batu-air (“bird-stone-water”)
• Kauwi-bauwi-bo
• Kamen, papier, noznice

Email: mgalusko@gmail.com

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