Версия11755 (11755)
Обновлено28 окт 2020 г. (4 недели назад)
КатегорияИгры, Ролевые
Количество установок5 000+

"The ultimate fighting game of the 90s, 'Samurai Shodown' now available in tiny size!
Jump into the world of heroic slashes and unique samurais - with your cute characters!

☞Quick & easy auto-play
☞Samurai Shodown characters in cute, small pixel style!
☞Form your unique deck and compete with users worldwide
It's easy to learn, but hard to master. Experience ultimate battles with numerous decks and strategic gameplays.
☞Full implementation of the various skills of the originals
Haohmaru's powerful slash!!
☞Collect and upgrade various types of characters.
Each type has special abilities. Figure out the ultimate combinations.
☞Equip powerful skills to power-up quickly!
Equip skills best suited for each character to unleash countless moves.

This product includes premium item purchases.
Purchasing premium items will result in actual billing, so please take note.

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- Lower than Android OS 6.0: Cannot disable access permission - must delete app to disable

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