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Последняя версия

ИмяCuppy Dogs APK
Версия0.1 (12)
Обновлено23 янв. 2020 г.
РазработчикThe Bartoo Game Company
Количество установок100+
КатегорияИгры, Аркады

игра Cuppy Dogs

Легендарный Догго должен спасти Сыр Буа от страшной Лапши Опасности!

Cuppy Dogs are Puppy Dogs who live by the words, "If I fits, I sits". The Legendary Doggo, Goodest of all the Bois, must rescue the Cheese Bois from the dreaded Danger Noodles. You will journey across the lands of the Cheese Kingdom, using Flying Pointy Sticks to battle Sneks, Nope Ropes and Danger Noodles , saving as many captured Cheese Bois as possible!