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Последняя версия

ИмяExtreme Motorbike Driving 3D APK
Версия1.1 (2)
Обновлено22 июл. 2016 г.
Разработчикi6 Games
Количество установок5 000 000+
КатегорияИгры, Симуляторы

игра Extreme Motorbike Driving 3D

Привод быстро и выполнять трюки на крайний мотоцикл! Скачать сейчас!

Extreme Motorbike Driving 3D is a fun and exciting open world Motorbike driving simulator where you control a super fast motorbike. Become a talented motorbike driver in Extreme Motorbike Driving 3D where you can go really fast with the help of nitro so the bike can speed up and go off huge stunt ramps to get some wicked air time, while all the time you're having fun.

With the open world environment simulation like Extreme Motorbike Driving 3D , you can drive the motorbike onto stunt ramps to perform exciting, amazing stunts and build up incredible speeds with nitro boosts. Be careful of other sports cars in the open world as they might get in the way of your super cool stunts. If you like to go to extreme speeds and pull off awesome stunts whilst having a fun and exciting time, then you will love to play Extreme Motorbike Driving 3D!