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Fingerprint Gestures - Quick Actions And Selfie APP

Fingerprint Gestures allows you to perform fingerprint quick action on your device using fingerprint sensor of your mobile.

Important : Many Mobile manufactures and Custom ROM's have disabled the Fingerprint Gestures API that google introduced. This app will not work on such devices. For eg. Some OnePlus, Samsung devices have disabled this API.

Tasker task support is added. You can turn off your screen, turn on your T.V, and so much more!

---- Fingerprint Gestures -----
▶ Gesture Up
▶ Gesture Down
▶ Gesture Left
▶ Gesture Right

---- Quick Actions -----
▶ Take Hidden Camera Picture
Now you can also take Hidden camera picture on single fingerprint quick action.

▶ Open Specific App
You can open any selected app on single gesture select open specific app and then select the app.

▶ Take Picture (Fingerprint Gesture Selfie)
Take picture in any camera app on a single gesture.You can also custom click on shutter buttons of selfie apps.

▶ Scroll Up(Beta)
Scroll up on fingerprint action.

▶ Scroll Down(Beta)
Scroll down using fingerprint sensor.

▶ Back
Press back button once.

▶ Go To Home Screen
Go to mobile home screen.

▶ Recent Apps
Open recent apps on single fingerprint swipe.

▶ Switch To Last App
Switch to last opened app quickly.

▶ Open Notification Panel
Open notification panel.

▶ Notification Quick Settings
Open notification quick settings.

▶ Ringer Mode
Put mobile to ringer mode.

▶ Vibration Mode
Put mobile to vibration mode.

▶ Toggle Silent Mode
Put mobile to silent mode and normal mode on a single fingerprint gesture.

▶ Play/Pause Song
Can easily play and pause songs.it will play in last opened media app.
You can also play Youtube video in background.
open Youtube play video go to home screen and perform gesture and there you go.

▶ Next Song
Play next song.

▶ Previous Song
Play previous song.

▶ Toggle Flash Light
This is awesome handy feature you can on//off flash light on a single fingerprint gesture.

▶ Toggle Wifi
on/off wifi.

▶ Toggle Bluetooth
on/off bluetooth on single fingerprint gesture.

▶ Power Dialog
Show power dialog.

▶ Split Screen
Split mobile screen.

▶ Toggle Rotate Screen
On/Off Screen rotation on single fingerprint action.

▶ Clear Notifications
Clear all notification.

▶ Lock Screen
Locks your device screen on a single fingerprint gesture.

---- FAQs ----

Q 1: How take picture option works?
A: Select Take Picture option against any gesture up,down,left or right then a list of installed apps in your device will open select camera apps in which you want to take picture.
Now go to that camera app and perform that gesture that's it.
If this feature does not work in any camera app then feel free to contact us.

Q 2: How Take Hidden Camera Picture option works ?
A: Select Take Hidden Camera Picture and in camera section you can also change from which camera you want to take picture front or rear.
No need to open camera just perform gesture on fingerprint sensor and within 3 seconds your picture will be taken.
Picture Path is (Storage/emulated/0/FingerprintGestures).

•Accessibility Service :This app uses Accessibility services in order to detect fingerprint gestures on fingerprint sensor. it can observe your actions, retrieve window to perform click on screen on user request.
• Device Administrator Permission : This app uses Device Administrator Permission in order to lock the screen on user request.This permission will never be used to perform actions that user do not want to perform.

---- Note -----
▶ Fingerprint Gestures will work on devices having Android 8.0 [Android-O] and fingerprint sensor Hardware.