Флэш-оповещения на приложение вызова сделано, чтобы решить все ваши проблемы пропавших без звонков и смс.


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Flash Alert On Call APP

Are you worried about missing Notification, call & sms ? Sometimes you are in crowed places or Parties so you can't hear the phone ring and you don't want to miss any calls, waht should you do? well, This Flash call alert app is made to solve all your problems of missing calls & sms alerts with the Falsh alerts, Get notified by the blinking flashlight alert notifications when phone rings with an incoming call or incoming SMS text message,
This app is design to Notify you with brightflash alert as Call and sms notifier, Flash alert on call will make your life easier by letting you know about every call and SMS through flash blinks.
Use flash notification alerts when you're in a meeting or if your baby is asleep. You never know when silent blinking flashes could come in handy with this flash notifications.
Flash alert on call is a smart and Amazing application available on the Google Play Store it's Pretty useful when you are in a dark place or in a meeting where you don't want to hear ringtones or vibration. Imagine you are in a heavy music party or at night where you cannot hear ring tones and cannot feel vibration. So this Flash on call and Flash on SMS will notify you clearly.
Flash alerts puts the power of blinking flash customization for your android phone at your fingertips. Create unique flashlight alerts blink patterns for incoming phone calls, texts ( SMS ). For example use flashlight alerts on call and sms for all call and sms notifications, This Flash Notification will notify you via mobile phone’s back light flash alerts.
Flash alert on call is a smart app to alert you when you receive a phone call, text message & any other social notifications with the blink of your flashlight.
you can quickly enable and disable Flash Alert on Call and Sms or both.

When to use flash on call and sms :
• You have to keep your phone silent but still need to know about important text messages
For example ( movie theatres, classroom, baby sleeping, etc...)
• You need to identify a caller but can't turn your phone sound on, flash on call and sms will help
• You're in a noisy location and can't hear your ringtone, no problem, you have flash alerts on call and sms.

Features :
- Turn all flash on call and sms ON or OFF with one tap button
- Turn On or Off LED flash alerts on incoming call
- Turn On or Off LED flash alerts on incoming sms
- Flash Alert working in any mode ( Normal, Vibrate or Silent )
- Set LED flashlight alerts to work only when mobile is locked ( To save battery )
- Set the number of flash alerts you want for SMS
- Disable flash alerts when battery is below a set percentage ( To save battery )

Flash alert on call is free, trusted app for getting flash alerts or notifications when you have incoming call or incoming sms. The flashlight alert app is fully optimized. Thank you for using the brightest and best Flash Alerts for your phone & tablets.
Flash alert on call app is user friendly and really easy to use. Flash alert on call app has a variety of options included in it. Blink intervals and Flash blink count on incoming call and SMS can be controlled within this flash on call and sms App.

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