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Последняя версия

ИмяFlen IT Dept. APK
Версия1.0 (1)
Обновлено20 февр. 2021 г.
РазработчикYaser Alagele
Количество установок1+
КатегорияПриложения, Связь

приложение Flen IT Dept.

An app to facilitate you

In the last few months, we have been constantly working on improving our services and we believe it’s now time to bring the result to life! Please welcome Flen IT Dept. App.
The purpose of this App is to facilitate, enhance, shorten the process for the services you ask from us, no matter where you are based. And hence, the App brings your experience with IT department to the next level! It has not been an easy task with several failed experiments in developing this App. However, we believe you all would join us with excitement and satisfaction experience with it!
Some highlighting functions of this App as below:
1. Find answers:
• We’re sure that it isn’t just one time you pose questions about certain IT equipment and applications. Well, then here you go. This feature is designed to assist you in self-learning, with several useful articles, basic information, problem-solving methods for our IT equipment, tools, etc.
• How: Click on (Find answers)  Search for the problem that you are facing  Voila! Find out the reason and how to address it.
2. Open a ticket:
• What if you have a problem with your mailbox and need assistance from IT Team?
• How: Open a ticket  State your issues  Voila! Your issue is now received and will be handled by the IT department team members. And guess what, we guarantee the speed of response and assistance for you here
3. Notifications:
• We know how you are familiar with your Facebook/ Instagram notifications Voila! this notifications feature assures a direct connection between the IT team and you for all necessary mass communication. For example system maintenance day, a specific service that will stop working for a certain reason, or an important update for the Windows, etc.
4. Contact us: We guess this will be the most exciting part – getting in touch with us, directly by/ via:
• Dialing - dialling the telephone number
• Sending an email to the Information Technology department by clicking on Helpdesk
• MS teams – this feature transfers you to the IT team's group and quickly corresponds with them (only available for those who use the MS Teams App on their mobile phone)