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16 нояб. 2018 г.
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Floating Tube Pro APP

Watch youtube videos in floating mode so that can you can play youtube videos as well as youtube playlist outside the app in floating mode.

Floating Tube Pro has the features as listed below:

✔ Play Video & Playlist
✔ !!!Multiples Windows!!!
✔ Movable Video Player
✔ Re-sizable Video Player
✔ Locking player on a screen
✔ Free of cost

⦿ By selecting on playlist from the youtube it will directly play whole playlist in player with out any interruption. And after one video by tapping on your desired video from the player. No need to go to the app again.
⦿ Video always play exactly in the front.
⦿ Video player can be re-sized using bottom right corner edge.
⦿ So that simply anytime video player, Floating YouTube Pro.

✔ Note: App can not play video in background according to Youtube Policy