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20 сент. 2017 г.
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This application rounding a variety of rich features to meet the operational efficiency of advanced users, and focus on the application of the start, and custom, rich icons, but also to meet the individual needs of users The Simply put, it is not a tool developed to meet the efficiency requirements of advanced users. It provides a way to organize the application, so its core function is to organize and start the application, you can understand it as a more advanced and more convenient folder. Even ordinary users can easily play it.
Its function is as simple as the name

But why should it be said that the function is as simple as the name? Because in the current version, its built-in operation is limited to open the application, for some of the functions can be achieved, although able to add their own, but did not guide.
But still have to praise here, in the application of icons by adding the interface is very clear, for different applications have also been classified, so add the application becomes easier.

Many people not only use it to simply start the application, because you may also ask, if only to start the application, why should I open this application and then tolerate more than one jump? In fact, it is more important function is that users can quickly open the application through it and the corresponding automatic operation, so that greatly enhanced flexibility. For example, you can quickly add a note to-do list and jump back, or even quickly set the screen brightness. These functions can be the greatest degree of savings in your time and operation steps, not just start the application.

In the use of the scene, compared to the phone has the folder function, you can also use it for the application of another sort of sorting. For example, you can organize the application by category in the folder, while the application will be sorted by the use of frequency to facilitate the search.

But said so much, if you want to throw the most attractive point, presumably or its free and no purchase need, so you do not make a reason not to download it?