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15 нояб. 2019 г.
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Globe Switch: Exclusive Data Offers & Rewards APP

Switch app is open to Globe Prepaid and TM SIM users only. Using your Switch app is free!

New updates:
1. More user friendly app interface
2. Secured personal information through privacy policy and terms & conditions
3. Personalize your profile with your picture and nickname
4. Check load balance and expiry
5. Track data promo consumption - both open access and app-specific data
6. Inbox and notifications
7. Chat feature for after-sales inquiries
8. FAQs
9. Log out

Apart from the new enhancements, your Switch app still:
- Provides you your favorite apps for free (3x per app, 10 apps per day)
- Allows you to register to Switch exclusives - promos not available in any other channels
- Controls which apps can consume your mobile data
- Offers new prizes in the Lucky Spin! The more you use your Switch app, the more spin credits you get, the more chances of winning exciting prizes!