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Последняя версия

Версия1.0 (10)
Обновлено08 мая 2021 г.
Количество установок100+
КатегорияИгры, Стратегии

игра GoGo Zombie : Zombie Defense

Become a wise lord and defend your town from zombies.

Zombies flocking endlessly.
The higher the stage, the rush of various zombies.
Bosses who control them.
Equip elite characters and equipment and defend against zombies!

Zombie type
-Normal Zombies, Speedy Zombies, Fat Zombies, Jumping Zombies, Police Zombies, Dog Zombies, Giant Zombies

Boss type
-Giant Dog Zombie, Giant Police Zombie, Archer, Transform Wizard, Blizzard Wizard, Thief King,
Necromancer, Half a zombie

Chest Upgrade System
-Whenever you open a chest, you accumulate chest experience and level up to increase the chance of getting a high-grade item.

Characters and equipment
- 40 types of characters : Common, Rare, Hero, Legend, Mythic
-155 types of Equipment : Blade, Shot, Wand, Shield, Magic book

Characteristic :
-Collect and upgrade the same equipment to obtain higher-grade equipment!
-Conditional Idle type (automatic generation, automatic combination, automatic play, double speed function)
-Various character level-ups using gems, gold, and cards!
-A certain difference in abilities that can be felt as the character's grade increases.
-Various character skills.
-Worldwide rankings.
-Kill zombies and earn gold.
-Earn gems through endless quests.
-Earn gems with bosses and consecutive kills.
-Open the box with the jewel obtained as a reward to acquire characters and equipment.
-Play by creating combinations with each unique character!
-Chest Upgrade System

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