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26 июн. 2017 г.
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Goodbye My Neighbor King GAME

Welcome to Goodbye My Neighbor King! Goodbye My King is a game much like Hello My Neighbor or goodbye neighbor where you sneak around a house trying to get objectives and goals. Escape the gaze of the King to get your Kingdom back!

Goodbye My King is a single player, first-person stealth quest like Hello to my Neighbor and goodbye neighbor with horror elements in the setting of the fairytale Middle Ages, in which you’ll have to return your castle, captured by an unprincipled impostor.

Goodbye My King is a game about exploration, puzzles, secrets, and overthrowing a rotund guy who has stolen your Kingdom. There are some definitely similarities to Hello my Neighbor and goodbye neighbor, including a magnet to get a key out of reach, colored locks, a bad guy whose presence is indicated by rising music, he doesn't kill you but just tosses you out, a jacked up castle with all sorts of weirdness, and more. But, the art and coloration is excellent, the gameplay is solid for the most part, and the music is good. It made me wonder, was it inspired by goodbye neighbor? Is it a parody? A rip-off? I'm not sure.

Goodbye My King Gameplay Features:

★ a story campaign consisting of levels of increasing complexity
★ an unusual castle, whose rooms are filled with various puzzles
★ the impostor quickly assimilates into the captured castle and is able to ambush the player
★ charismatic characters
★ colorful hand-painted graphics
★ bright animated cutscenes
★ as well as the island levitating in the clouds, Easter eggs and a dangerous watch she

Carelessness is an unacceptable luxury, especially if you are a king. Enviers are patiently waiting for your mistake... And one day they picked one's moment.
Are you ready to uncover the mystery of the impostor, restore justice and punish the offender?

I hope you enjoy play Goodbye my Neighbor King gameplay .

This Goodbye my Neighbor King gameplay was developed by fans and it has no relation to developers of Goodbye my King, we are just fans of this great goodbye neighbor game.