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3 сент. 2021 г.
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ichoiceRelax uses continuous and accurate heart rate readings to guide you into a state of relaxation to help reduce your stress, calm you down and improve health and focus. Find your inner balance with ichoiceRelax.

ichoiceRelax must be used with an iChoice fingertip heart rate sensor. The fingertip sensor sends continuous heart rate readings to the app to help coach and guide you to breathe at your ideal relaxation breathing rate.

Everyone’s physiology is different and each person will have their own ideal relaxation breathing rate based on their current mindset. Your live heart rate readings (obtained by the heart rate sensor) will help personalize exercises and guide you to breathe at the rate that is ideal for you to achieve maximum calmness. Our app synchronizes with your physiology giving you a personalized result.
Improve Sleep
Reduce Anxiety & Stress
Lower Your Muscle Tension
Along with a healthy lifestyle, relaxation breathing techniques and reduced stress may help lower your risk of developing and/or reduce the impact of Type 2 Diabetes & High Blood Pressure.
The sensor and app work together as your personal coach. On screen pacers help adjust your breathing rate to help calm your heart and mind while increasing your resilience to stress.

ichoiceRelax has many features to help you focus on your breathing.

COACH – Exercises to help guide your breathing with on-screen pacers driven by your live heart rate readings
RELAX – Various calming videos with relaxing sounds. Follow the on-screen pacer driven by your live heart rate readings or close your eyes and allow the sounds to guide you
SLEEP - Choose between calming videos with relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep. Follow the on-screen pacers driven by your live heart rate readings or close your eyes and allow the sounds to guide you
PLAY - Exciting games teach you to stay calm in stressful situations. These optional exercises challenge you to maintain your Personal Best Relaxation Breathing Rate while under stressful scenarios.
MONITOR – View past readings and track improvements. Easily navigate through charts and graphs to view and compare your stress vs. calm levels. Filter results by day, week, month, and year.

Successfully achieve mindfulness with ichoiceRelax by being coached to breathe at your ideal pace while interacting with heart rate-driven training and exercises.

For general wellness and health applications including sports, fitness, and relaxation management. Not intended to be used in prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of any disease.

These breathing techniques have been used by professional and Olympic athletes to increase focus and improve performance. They can also help actors and singers relax and cope with stage fright as well as help improve scores during test taking.