IoT MQTT Dashboard APK

IoT MQTT Dashboard


Скачать IoT MQTT Dashboard APK для Android - бесплатно - Последняя версия


Последняя версия

ИмяMQTT Dashboard APK
Версия1.9.3 (17)
Обновлено15 сент. 2016 г.
РазработчикNghia TH
Количество установок50 000+
КатегорияПриложения, Инструменты

приложение IoT MQTT Dashboard

Информационная панель для управления вашими проектами ВГД с использованием протокола MQTT

If you are looking for an application to manage your (DIY) IoT projects using MQTT protocol, then stop searching, here it is :)

With this app, you can easily control any MQTT client devices with very simple configuration steps. Within a minute, you can talk with your best friend Arduino, or you can command your slave ESP8266 to do something...

Highlighted features:
- Many connections
- SSL connection
- Specify your data unit
- Display numeric values in a real-time updating chart
- Customizable publication components:
+ Text
+ Button
+ Switch
+ Seek bar
+ Combo box
+ Color picker
+ Multi buttons

+ Button
+ Toggle button (widget version of the Switch component)
+ Color picker

- You can find the error log in: External storage (SD-card) / mqtt-dashboard / log
- Home screen Widgets are used to publish only! They do NOT subscribe to the topic and reflect their status.

Enjoy publishing!

To create the BKS keystore, you can follow many articles on the internet ;)
- In case you are lazy, click here:
- These articles will mention about the Bouncy Castle library. You should use "bcprov-jdk15on-146.jar".