Let this fun Kirby game take you on a true blast from the past


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24 июл. 2018 г.
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игра kirby original

Kirby Original is cool new game that allows you to play the old classic just as you remember it. With this app, you can enjoy the adventure without any unnecessary complications: simply open Kirby Original to start a new adventure.

Use the controls located on both sides of the screen to control the game; on the left you'll find the steering controls, and on the right, the action controls. Remember that Kirby could aim at his opponents and then throw them with great force or catch air to fly over part of the map; take advantage of these skills to make the most of the game and successfully overcome each level.

Like in the classic Kirby, you'll have to complete each level before moving onto the next. The more enemies you kill, the more points you will get, so make sure that you don't miss anyone, or let them get too close. Enjoy a true classic game with Kirby Original.