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Последняя версия

Версия1.0.0 (4)
Обновлено26 мая 2021 г.
Количество установок100+
КатегорияПриложения, Стиль жизни

приложение Life Wheel and Goals

The best app you need to balance your life wheel and track your life goals.

The app « Life Wheel and Goals » will help you understand where you are in your life and set the goals that would lead you a better life.
The app will help you track your goals and visualize your achievements so that you keep balanced your wheel of life.

Main App Features

Wheel of Life
- The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool to help you understand where you are in your Life.
- What ever your destination in Life is, it’s important to know your staring point.
- As you are aware about your starting point of your journey, you can more easily plan the road map to the life you want and deserve.
- Get your score by ranking yourself, on a scale of 1-10, where you feel you are, in the importants areas of life.
- Visualize your Wheel of Life

Life Goals
- By analyzing your score « Wheel of Life », set your life goals and put your energy where it matters most for you.
- Add goal details including, a list of steps linked to your goal.
- Follow steps until completion of your goal.

- Visualize and track your goals from dashboard.

- Add or edit the categories
- Choose your preferred language (3 languages supported: English, French and Arabic).
- Local backup of your data
- Restore data from local backups