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28 февр. 2020 г.
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приложение Lucky Goal

Lucky Goal is a spin game with rich Rewards. It is easy, free and fun to play!
If you are lucky enough, you will love this game! Because you will always win the rewards with good luck!
Feature on Lucky Goal:
-Play 100% free spin machine and Match to win lucky rewards with 3 winning symbols
-Get fun and Prizes in Lucky Spin with good luck
-Invite your friends to join this lucky life
Lucky Goal is a fun and rewarding app for you. We offer spin machine and lucky spin to let users experience the thrill of victory! Spin Machine brings you fun. Lucky Spin tests your lucky power! Just believe that you are lucky to get coinout!
In Lucky Goal, you just need to spend your free time to tap your phone, and match to win endless fun and fortune in the process of playing! Coinout can happen every day!
What are you waiting for? Just Download and Reach Lucky Goal. The more you spin, the more rewards and coinout you can get in your lucky life!
If you have questions about Lucky Goal, you can feedback to: gamem_feedback@126.com.
* Lucky Goal is Free for users with no purchase necessary.
* These Spin events are considered "non-gambling" promotions and are for entertainment purposes only.
* Google Inc. Does not sponsor Lucky Goal and / or event prizes and is not affiliated with it in any way.