Marble Blast 2017 представляет собой шутер игры с мячом, сложной и захватывающей игре :)


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21 июл. 2017 г.
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игра Marble Blast 2017

Marble Blast 2017 is a shooter ball game , here you will find new levels for you to try in a zuma game play. You will find challenging and addictive, suitable for all ages.

Shoot the marble ball from your frog and eliminate as much marble balls as you can. You have 3 worlds to try your skills, point, aim and get to the finish of this legend warrior frog character.

How to play:
Install the free game, select the first world with the first level to start.
You have to shoot the ball to match three or more marble of the same color. Don't let the marble balls advancing to much, you have to use the shooting balls blast and this way you will clear the level.
Tap on the transmitter to exchange the position between current and next ball, apply quickly so the ball does not enter the death hole. Note that : Swiping the shooting ball will make it more easier.
Combo and Chain increase score, so try to do that as much as you can. Grab the Chain by cleaning the marbles continuously using shooting.

Feature Diamond Ball Blast:

• easy to play, hard to master;
• free to play;
• 30 fun levels for you to try, with 3 new world
• for old and new fan ball zuma game and marble blast fans;
• fresh Graphic, the diamond ball will entertain you for hours;
• nice sound effect;
• more updates will bring you special balls, super blasts, new levels, new worlds.

Become the marble legend, play this classic game and enjoy it :
Give us a feedback for improving, have a nice zumu hunt! thanks.