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Mary Undoer Of Knots Novena And Prayers


Новена Мэри Ундоер Узлов и Молитвы Мэри Ундоер Узлов


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29 сент. 2020 г.
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Our application totally dedicated to our Mary Undoer Of Knots was made in a careful and detailed way, resulting in a beautiful application, with a striking and attractive user interface.

Mary Undoer Of Knots It is a very complete application, you will have access to the Ninth To Mary Undoer Of Knots and the best Prayers To Mary Undoer Of Knots.

Within the Prayers To Mary Undoer Of Knots you can find the following:

- Prayer To Mary Undoer of Knots For Personal Troubles
- Prayer For The Strengthening Of Marriages
- Pope Francis ’Prayer to Mary Undoer of Knots
- Prayer To Our Lady, Undoer Of Knots
- Mary, Undoer Of Knots, Pray For Me

In addition, all Prayers To Mary The Undoer Of Knots can be shared on your social networks, likewise, you can copy and paste them to send as a text message. You can also easily share the application of Our Lady Undoer Of Knots

It is necessary to mention that the origin of Mary Undoer Of Knots (Maria Knotenlöserin) is a painting by Johann Georg Melchior Schmidtner, which dates from around the year 1700. In this work of art the author represents the Virgin Mary, who surrounds himself of angels, who in turn is protected by the light of the holy spirit, where it is denoted that his left foot steps on the head of the serpent, which represents Satan.

The angel on her left reaches her to take the knotted ribbons, and the other angel on her right picks up the untied ones.

In its lower part but on a smaller scale, a man is represented, who walks in the dark and guided and accompanied by an Archangel, just as Saint Raphael the Archangel guided Tobias.

You might well consider that this image represents the supernatural and heavenly guidance on the part of angels, considered auxiliaries of God, in the dark and fearful ways of earthly life.

The image of Mary Undoer Of Knots is in her expression an allegory of the difficulties that humanity faces, symbolized with knotted ribbons that the Mary Undoer Of Knots unleashes, just as a mother helps her children.

Although we can consider that in the beginning the creation of Our Lady Undoer Of Knots was linked only to untie the knots of the ribbon of married life, today it has become, in our Lady, knot untie of all the inconveniences that are they can present, during the long journey of life of the people and peoples of the world.

For faithful believers, Mary The Undoer Of Knots can help them at work, in marriage, in health, and in themselves throughout life.

Didn't you know that Pope Francis actively promotes the image of “desatanudos” in America?

It has been known that the testimonies of the faithful believers are more and more numerous and, having pleaded and asked for help from Mary Undoer Of Knots, they have received great spiritual benefits and aid.

Many of these people have been experiencing in a concrete way the good saying "untie" of those knots that at some point have caused pain and suffering and for which they have humbly turned to ask for help as someone who entrusts herself to a loving and pious mother, who helps his own children in difficulty.

Since Pope Francis was elected, devotion to Mary Undoer Of Knots has immediately become much more popular and beloved by faithful devotees around the world.

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