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Последняя версия

ИмяMusic Maker APK
Версия1.0.7 (7)
Обновлено09 февр. 2016 г.
РазработчикBasis Five
Количество установокN/A
КатегорияПриложения, Музыка и аудио

Обновлено - Что нового

Now it's possible to hear the sound of the notes you add in the Notes/Drums Editor.
Increased initial volume level to 10/15 (without headsets).

приложение Music Maker Studio

Make music, write songs and play with this multi track 128-sound MIDI sequencer.

Create your own music and songs and play with a multi-track MIDI sequencer.
Turn your ideas into full songs; write and modify sections, chords, notes, and drum hits, quickly and productively.
Immerse yourself in your music, make a song and play with more than one hundred instruments.
It combines several tools to let you quickly shape your songs while exploring different ideas.
For example you can try out different harmonies of a song section: write it once and hear how it sounds when played in different chord progressions, with the one-of-its kind feature of automatic harmonic transposition.
It includes a step sequencer for drum hits, a piano roll editor for detailed note editing, a rhythm editor to try out different rhythm alternatives. Plus, organize your song into sections and modify and repeat them at will. You will be amazed how fast, easy and fun writing music can be with this app.
The sounds are produced by the MIDI synthesizer of your device, so you can choose among all the 128 instruments specified by the General MIDI standard, which include many types of guitars, basses, pianos, brasses, strings, pads, synthesizers, percussion, woods and some effects.


- Multi-track sequencer;
- 6 different editors;
- 128 instruments;
- Mixer to program each track's instrument and volume, and to mute/solo the tracks;
- Automatic Harmonic Transposition: lets you apply different chord progressions to the music you are writing, so as to choose whatever sounds best;
- Metronome;
- Playing range selection;
- Save and reuse groups of bars and chord progressions in other songs and/or tracks;
- Quickly copy and modify a section or an entire song;
- Automatic saving at each modification of your composition;
- Export to MIDI format: you can import the .mid file generated to your preferred DAW and take it to the next level, with further sound processing;
- Export all your songs, groups of bars, and chord progressions into the external memory of your device, so you can import all your library to another device, or make a backup copy of your work;
- Import from the external memory (what you have previously exported);
- In-depth integrated user manual, with everything explained.


- Song Section Editor: to organize the sections (verses, choruses, etc.);
- Chords Editor: to write chord progressions;
- Tracks Editor: to organize the bars of the multi-track sequencer;
- Notes Editor: to write notes into the tracks;
- Drums Editor: step sequencer for percussive sounds;
- Rhythm Editor: to write chords based on rhythm;


- Simply put: it's a tool to write and make music (your own music!) and we think it's quite good at it!
- It assists your music-writing creative process, from initial ideas to complete songs;
- You can use it for any type of music compositions, and it's particularly suited to songs;
- You can use it alone, or in combination with a DAW: first write a multi-track MIDI file, then import it in your DAW to apply audio effects and do more elaborate mixing;
- The benefits of using this app relative to another music editor is that it does things from the music composer point of view, rather than the sound/mixing engineer;


- It's not a tool to automatically generate music from loops or algorithms, you are regarded as a music composer, not just a user;
- It's not a one-fit-all tool: it excels in the creative, music-writing part of your work.

- Musicians, songwriters, composers, anyone who enjoys writing, composing and making music.

You don't need to be a professional musician to use this app, but it's better if you know at least the basics of music theory (but don't worry if you don't because this app can be an invaluable learning tool for you).

This free version is fully functional so you can make a full evaluation. Only saving and import/export are disabled.

Finally, it's an app written by musicians for musicians!