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5 апр. 2017 г.
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Noscope Flappy - MLG Parody GAME

This parody delivers more than just a few minutes of fun. It's actually a real game with leaderboards, achievements and stuff to unlock. It's combining a quality gaming experience with the fun and randomness of our beloved internet-memes.
Try reaching better highscores to unlock new skins or get the pro-pack to gain access to more funny sounds, memes, skins and the newly added dank mode.
▸ 8 Skins:
Classic, Party, Noscope, Spooky, Freddy, Doge, Shreked, Developer
▸ 3 Game-Modes:
Classic, Kid-Mode, Dank-Mode
▸ 400+ Memes:
We got everything!
▸ Power-Ups:
So you can rek fools and reach the top of the leaderboards!

- Kid Mode - Play the game on easy mode and still unlock skins. You will only be able to play with the skins in kid mode tho until you actually unlock them for real.
- Dank Mode - A hardcore mode only for true mlg pros. The screen will be flooded with memes and special effects. Warning! It's really hard! To make it fair you will receive double the points.