Информация, руководство и помощь для детей нарушения питания от Notube!


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NoTube: Helping children learn to eat APP

NoTube is a Feeding Clinic in Austria, specialized in telemedical programs for children with eating problems all over the world. The primary focus of the NoTube team is to help children learn to eat which have eating difficulties, are tube-fed or suffer from eating disorders (picky eating, oral aversion, food refusal, ARFID, anorexia etc).

The NoTube App helps parents navigate through solutions for their children coping with eating disorders. This programs can be attended either on-site in Austria or through a telemedical program. The app will help the parents start with initial assessment and raise funds for enrolling in the program.

Key Benefits:
Get access to information about our online therapy programs for infants and children
Provide solutions for children with eating issues such as picky eating, food refusal or oral aversion
Get NoTube´s latest updates right on your mobile phone
Raise funds with our fundraising tool if needed
Get in touch with our experts
Get in touch with families who had enrolled their children in Notube programs previously
Experience professional medical support online
Receive personal coaching from the leading tube weaning experts who will help you teach your child to eat without a feeding tube right from the comfort of your home.