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Последняя версия

Имяرمضان والعيد APK
Версия4.0.0 (1014)
Обновлено02 июл. 2021 г.
Количество установок5 000+
КатегорияПриложения, Музыка и аудио

приложение Ramadan and Eid songs and Wallpapers

Рамадан песни и обои новые и красивые

The best application of Ramadan and Eid songs and wallpapers for Ramadan and Eid because it is available for free. An application that contains a number of various Ramadan and Eid songs and many of the songs that appeared in Ramadan 2020 and 2021 that were beautiful and fun. We hope that you will like our application. The application of Ramadan and Eid songs as the application is divided Into 4 sections 👌.

The first section 🔊🎼: It contains Ramadan songs without the net, that is, instead you need to have the Internet on your smartphone in order to listen to the songs of this section with complete comfort and without problems and with very clear sound quality and among the songs in the application Ramadan with Maher Zain's voice and also the famous song Marhab Hello, Hilal, and God will not forget us. Is your crescent, O Ramadan, and singing, O, the best of your days, without rhythm.

And the second section: a section that contains many of the Eid songs that work without the Internet as well, meaning that the Internet does not have to be available on your smartphone in order to enjoy the songs of this section, and there are in this section many famous songs such as the joyous Eid and the song for children Welcome to the holiday and the Eid song Hi love tonight, people are returning to Kazem El Saher.
And the third section 📷: Wallpapers and images of Ramadan Kareem and Ramadan brings us together and Happy Ramadan with very high quality and without internet. This section is characterized by new and unique designs.

As for the fourth section 📷: This section contains pictures and backgrounds for Happy Eid and Eid Al Fitr and also a big happy Eid for you, and there are other backgrounds in the section with very high quality and without internet and new designs.

The purpose of making the application of Ramadan and Eid songs in this way, which is divided into 4 sections, is to be suitable for everyone and for everyone in the event that you want to enjoy Ramadan and Eid songs or download wallpapers without internet.
Download now the wonderful and beautiful Ramadan and Eid songs application, which we hope you like and do not forget to evaluate the application with five stars in support of you for us to publish more and develop the application in the future, God willing.

Of course, all the content of the application is available for free and without the Internet ... Happy New Year and Happy Eid to everyone 👍