Remote TV, Universal Remote TV APK

Remote TV, Universal Remote TV


Пульт дистанционного управления для телевизора - полезный инструмент, который поможет вам быстро управлять телевизором.


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21 мая 2022 г.
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приложение Remote TV, Universal Remote TV

⁉️ Are you looking for remote control for TV?
👉 This TV remote is the answer - control your Smart TVs/Devices easily without the old physical remote via wifi or InfraRed. You can easily control TV from many brands via wifi, the app has all the functions of a Universal remote for TV.

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🔔 Remote control for TV - Infrared Remote Main Features:
✔ Support remote TV universal for a variety of brands: LG, Sony, Samsung,...
✔ New Joystick allows you to navigate easily
✔ InfraRed Technology to control smart TV (supported for smartphones with infrared blaster available)
✔ Turn off your smart TV
✔ Increase or decrease the volume
✔ Remote control for TV allows you to exit and return
✔ Up, down, right, and left can all be customized.
✔ Easily navigate accessible apps such as Youtube, Netflix, and others
✔ Cast to TV including image, video, online image, web browser, audio
✔ Screen mirroring quickly
✔ Enter numbers to change frequencies, or up/down to change channels. When the TV is on, you can pause or rewind
✔ You can rewind or fast forward as much as you like
✔ Save Remote option makes accessing your TV that you use regularly much easier

👉 Install remote TV - remote control for TV now with the latest infrared tech: enjoy your favorite shows, movies, sitcoms now

🔔 The Remote control app was developed with advanced technology. Remote control for TV can connect to the TV smoothly, it connects with your TV via wifi. Furthermore, you have two options for experiencing this app: you can purchase it and use it as a professional remote control without any advertisements, making it considerably smoother. Another option is to use it for free, which also contains a variety of useful functions.

🔔 Special features of premium version:
✔️ Control Universal TV by InfraRed. If you are considering your smartphone support IR or not, you can use IR check feature to identify infrared in your smartphone
✔️ Touchpad on the smartphone allows you to navigate your TV easily
✔️ Reasonable price for all greatest features in one TV remote
✔️ Completely ad-free

🔔 Universal remote for TV solves all the problems:
✔ Losing your remote TV
✔ Batteries are worn out
✔ Broken remote
✔ Control your TV via Infrared or Wifi
✔ TV universal remote requires no setup

🎁 If you have many TVs in your house, use only this Universal remote for TV to replace all the remotes. You don't have to worry about replacing the batteries of the physical remote or no longer need to seek your remote TV or purchase a new one to replace the broken one. Next, free remote controller support. When your physical remotes are broken down, fixing them takes a lot of time. However, with Universal TV Remote, all you have to do is contact us - we will try to solve your problem right away.

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☎️ We are always interested in your experience with Universal TV Remote - TV remote, so please let us know your experience by leaving a comment. If this Universal remote for TV gives you a good experience please give a good rate We will continue to upgrade the app to meet your expectation.

✅ We really appreciate it when you use our app. Thank you for using Remote TV, Universal remote TV app!