® RobuGET is a clicker game that you can get FREE RBX for Roblox game!


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28 мая 2019 г.
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How to collect RBX?

✓ Tap more and more to hear OOF sound
✓ Level up your character
✓ Claim bonus rewards
✓ Earn RBX by watching ads
✓ Complete Quests/Tasks get more free RBX
✓ Share with friends!
✓ Set your roblox character as wallpaper.
✓ Time to get your favourite catalog items free.

What can I do with collected RBX?

You can get real RBX in Roblox game by claiming it.
We promise that you will earn 500+ RBX in the first day!

How do I transfer RBX to my account?

You will see CLAIM RBX button in the MENU page. You will receive your RBX by tapping on it with your Builders Club Account.
This app is not a generator or prank app, it really make you get free RBX and have fun with the Roblox game mechanics.

What should i do when I reach minimum withdrawal amount by playing the Robuget?

Now it is time to claim your RBX for your real Roblox account. Tap Claim button in the menu and get your collected RBX. If you experience any problem while withdrawing your RBX contact with us and we will solve any problem for you and make sure you get your RBX.

Is there anything else that I need to transfer my RBX?

The only thing you need is the Roblox account with Builders Club and then it is done in seconds.

Can I find something else in this app?

- You can hve fun by playing this idle clicker game with roblox character.
- Level up and unlock more characters and skins.
- Bloxburg map background will be added soon.
- You will find roblox wallpapers as a background image for your phone screen.
- The characters is very cute. You will find squishy, cookie swirl and slime characters in the robloxe world. Unicorns and rainbows will be added soon for cookiceswirl c lovers.
- Help you character to break jail and earn more by clicking or tapping fast!

The application has been designed to help Roblox players and fans. We are constantly improving it so if you have any questions, advice or suggestions about its features you can contact us. We will be happy to help you