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19 дек. 2022 г.
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Sigma Battle Royale : Game is a great third person shooter with full color 3D battle royale style graphics (obviously). The most interesting feature of this title is that you can participate in frenzied games with up to 50 players. only one can survive

Battleground Fire Squad Shooting Survival Game
If you are an offline team player, welcome to the same team of crazy fighters. A four-man attack team awaits you. If you're tired of fighting back in Warzone mode, fight it out on 5v5 maps.
Play Island Survival Fire Grand Battle Royale
Search secret loot chests to find the latest and more powerful shootout royale games offline. Call for help with drops and be the last player.
offline battlefield survivor.
Join Sigma Battle Royale now!
Try the Sigma Battle Royale game. This is an exciting adventure full of fun.
Grand Battle Royal Games Offline Unknown battlefield!
Can't get enough mobile battleground survival shooters? Jump from a helicopter onto an island, collect loot and hunt down your enemies!
However ! Beware of the shrinking area, it does a lot of damage! Shoot with Kalashnikov guns, multi-barrel guns and more from Fire Ground Battleground Guns offline shooting game. Fight Vegas Car Theft Gangster Crime Simulator offline game. Battle royale survivor, big battle in offline survivor battlefield.
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Fire Force: Shooting Survival.
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enjoy Sigma Battle Royale!!