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Transfer data from Android to iOS using Smart Switch

Smart Switch lets users conveniently transfer data between devices and them migrate their data to their new phones. With Smart Switch, you can move your contacts, photos, videos, messages, music with just a few taps. The best part about this app is that it does not require the internet, Bluetooth, or cables to transfer data. This app transfers data by connecting two devices by creating a personal hotspot. Just bought a new iPhone? Smart Switch now lets you transfer all your data from your Android phone to your shiny new iPhone. Moving from iPhone to Android? No problem, simply use smart Switch to move your data to Android.

Just copy all your data from your old phone and transfer it to your new phone using Smart Switch. The data being transferred is secure with end-to-end encryption. Transfer large amounts of data in minutes. Plus, its Free!


- Moves all your data to your new smartphone.
- Works with the internet, cables, or Bluetooth. Transfer data without any interference.
- Data Transfer is secure at both ends. Simply scan the QR code to start the transfer.
- The transfer speeds are upto 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
- The app lets you select data you need to transfer.
- Once you select everything you need to transfer, the app shows you an estimated completion time. - Shows your transfer history in one place.
- The app displays free & used space on your phone.
- Comes with well-designed & easy to use UI.
- Call Info feature will let you know who is calling and manually search for numbers outside your contact book

New Feature Alert

Cross Platform File Sharing
Smart Switch now lets users transfer and move data from Android to iPhone and vice versa. It is perfect for people who have upgraded to a handset using a different operating system. The procedure to send and receive remains identical for the most part. However, as always both devices must have the respective version of Smart Switch installed on them.

How to use:

1. After installation, the user must give the Smart Switch app all permissions it requires.
2. As a sender, simply select the files you wish to transfer and hit "Share".
3. The app will create a personal hotspot, and a QR code will be shown on the screen.
4. To start the transfer by creating a connection, the receiver must scan the QR code.
5. The user can find all his transferred files inside the transfer history page.


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