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Последняя версия

ИмяTinymals APK
Версия1.1 (7)
Обновлено19 июл. 2015 г.
РазработчикAdrenaline Amusements
Количество установокN/A
КатегорияИгры, Казуальные

игра Tinymals

Принять друга в этом виртуальный питомец игре Благодаря мистические существа.

It all starts with an egg. Gently tap on its shell and watch as a Tinymal hatches before your eyes! Awesome, it's a dragon! Now that your new pet is here, let the most epic friendship begin!

Play with him, feed him, and, of course, pet him using simple touch screen gestures. The more you interact with your Tinymal, the more he learns new tricks and the more he grows attached to you becoming your best friend!

Change your Tinymal's looks by choosing from a wide selection of colorful new styles; Awesome, Cute, Shadowy, and more! Pick the one that reflects your friend's personality the best. With your training and care, your Tinymal will become the best pet ever!

But this is only the beginning as there are many other Tinymals! A mischievous Griffin and a cuddly Panda can also be hatched and made into best friends for life!