Unicode 6.0 Emoji инструмент ввода


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9 авг. 2016 г.
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100 000+

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приложение Unicode6Emoji

Unicode 6.0 Emoji input tool.
This tool is a kind of the Mushroom applications.
Please use with Simeji, ATOK, etc.
(Android 4.1(Jelly Bean) or later, we can use the Unicode 6.0 Emoji.)


There seems to be some characters which can not be displayed, or divided into two characters.
Even if you can enter the characters, some services or apps may produce unintelligible sequence of characters or delete emojis.
I strongly recommend that you check if the Unicode 6.0 Emojis are available in the app or service.
For example, if you send an e-mail with some emojis and he/she who received it cannot read them successfully, it may cause trouble.
Even in this case, I can not assume any responsibility.

Unicode 6.0 Emoji definition
I use the Unicode 6.0 Emojis defined here:

Devices which were used for test
Galaxy Nexus(SC-04D) with Android 4.3
Nexus 5 with Android 4.4

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is the default keyboard of the Galaxy S4 supported?
A. Unfortunately, it is not supported. Please launch this app by tapping the "mushroom" icon in the keyboard apps like ATOK and Simeji.

Q. Characters do not appear in the list.
A. If you use Galaxy series and you have changed the default font, emoticons may be not displayed correctly. Please use the default font.

Follow the updates

Recent updates
- Added ad remover option(paid)
- Added option to force using KitKat font.
Improved scroll speed.
- Emojis are classified and new tabs have been added for them.
- With Android 4.4, the emoji on the right side got hidden by scroll bar. So, the scroll bars has been changed to narrow type.
- Added a button to rate this app.
- Added ads. (Additional permissions are used only for showing ads.)
- Added setting which sets the history tab as the first selected tab.
- Adjusted the position of the character list so that the characters in the right and scroll bar do not overlap each other.
Added history.
You can launch this app from your launcher app, then you can copy emoji to clipboard.
If you want to launch immediately, you can show this app in the status bar.
Fixed a bug that the characters are not shown on some devices: removed padding of each items and calculate font size to fit.