Кошелек Wax Wallet, предлагающий все функции бесплатно.


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16 дек. 2021 г.
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Wax Wallet APP

It's not a cloud wallet and users should have the experience to handle their keys.
This wallet and wax cloud wallet are separated.

* Create free WAX account .
* Easy to import Account.
* Our wallet is not hosted and gives you the absolute control over yours keys.
* Secure Wallet using a PIN code and fingerprint.
* Show Account's Token Balance.
* Show Account's Balance Value with US Dollar.
* Send Tokens.
* Receive Tokens.
* Show Transactions records.
* Ability to view and delete wallet keys.
* Ability to erase all your data.
* Ability to Invite Friends to download the wallet.
* Ability to stake and unstake resources.
* Ability to buy Ram.
* Support Arabic language.
*Accounts' keys are users' responsibility, make sure you have a copy of your keys in a safe place.