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WiFi AfterConnect Web Login


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Последняя версия

ИмяWiFi AfterConnect APK
Версия1.2 (3)
Обновлено29 июл. 2015 г.
РазработчикSasha Vasko
Количество установокN/A
КатегорияПриложения, Связь

приложение WiFi AfterConnect Web Login

Миллионы приложений, игр, музыкальных треков, фильмов, книг и журналов, а также другие интересные материалы ждут вас. Где и когда угодно на всех ваших устройствах Android.

Web logins (aka Captive Portal logins) required at most free Wi-Fi hotspots could be quite a nuisance.

Please note that there exists a great multitude of Captive Portals customized in various annoying ways, so this app may not work on many of them. I'd appreciate if you don't post negative feedback if that is your case.

This app attempts to rectify the situation by monitoring Wi-Fi connection, checking if access to Internet is blocked by such a Captive Portal, and then attempts to automatically login into it.
If the portal requires user credentials to login, the app will prompt you for the same.
If login is successful, it will store credentials for future logins.
If the device is locked and app is unable to login into portal, it will disable Wi-Fi so that phone stays connected to the Internet.

This app does not manage connecting to hotspots, for which you can use one of the many excellent Wi-Fi managers available.

Please note that for legal reasons this app will redirect you to the actual login page with hotspot's Terms and Conditions of use the very first time you login. All the subsequent logins will be handled automatically in the background.

In US it should work with ATT hotspots (Starbucks, etc.), Lowes, Dillards, Kmart, Sears, Staples, Shnucks, some of the corporate/college networks using Cisco or Motorolla solutions, possibly Loves truck stops.
I have no idea if it will work anywhere outside of US.

This is a free (no ads) and Open Sourced app, and the source is available at : https://github.com/sashavasko/WiFiAfterConnect
It could be easily extended, and support for more hotspots will be added as I discover them.

This application works by requesting login page from the web server responsible for user authentication. WiFi AfterConnect will then analyse and parse the login page, looking for a number of indicators, such as meta tags with http-equiv refresh content, Location field in http response header, forms on the page, onload attributes of the body tag, etc. It will then try and identify which provider or manufacturer this page most likely was generated by. Some of the providers recognized are CISCO, Motorola Solutions inc. - former Symbol (WiNG 5.x), wanderingWiFi, Unifi, ATT, Aruba Networks and Nearbuy Systems. It also has some preliminary support for WiSPr protocol. Many will be handled by a generic handler that simply looks for an input form and simmulates an action triggered by a submit button.

Once the vendor/provider is identified it will institute a specific protocol, for example wanderingwifi requires a number of redirects, before access to internet is granted, Motorola's WiNG involves obcsure hs_server and Qv parameters processing which specify where to send the request and what to use in it, mostly related to integration with radius authentication server.

WiFi AfterConnect Web Login will automatically check checkbox for acceptance of Terms of Service if there is any.

If at this point app finds unfilled fields in the web form for username and password or e-mail, it will prompt user for the same if the device is unlocked, otherwise wifi will be disable to keep it connected to Internet, and notification will be posted to the notification bar. Clicking on such notification will open the form to enter data, and re-attempt the authentication.

Credentials are stored for the future re-use, so that you do not have to enter it again. The only exception is the password, which requires user to specifically request saving it. This is due to the fact that there is no way to fully encrypt and protect password, potentially exposing it to nefarious hackers, if they steal your device.

Application does not send any personal information, except what is required for the authentication itself.

WiFi AfterConnect Web Login will not store time or location of connections. It will only store the SSID of visited hotspots, to mark which Terms and Conditions pages were already presented to the user.