Add your face to any video and make surprising deepfakes


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7 сент. 2022 г.
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ZAO is a tool that allows you to put your own face on a bunch of videos. That way, in a matter of seconds you can create all kinds of 'deepfakes' that are fairly realistic. Surprise your friends and families with these wacky videos.

Just like in FaceApp, this tool has a set of Terms and Conditions that manage your image rights. Regardless, the first step is to upload your photo in order to digitally stitch it on to anyone else's face in each video.

In ZAO there are a ton of different templates, mainly taken from movies and TV shows. Add own your face through a simple process where you line up each of the main points of your face with the one in the video. That way, when the character you're swapping with turns their head or open their mouth, the app automatically detects your facial features and inserts them into the video in sync with the original movement. From there, your face is ready to be used in any one of ZAO's mashup videos. Lastly, all you have to do is select one of the videos available for your face in order to modify it, and throw your own face in.

When your video is ready, ZAO offers you the chance to export it directly onto your smartphone memory. Plus, you'll also get to share your video with the rest of the users on this platform so that anyone can enjoy your creation, or send it to friends on social media.

With ZAO it's easier than ever to swap your own face with Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic or delve into the world of a video game with yourself as the main hero. At the end of the day, the sky's the limit thanks to ZAO.