Build an eternal city in a world of swords and magic!


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Jul 13, 2020
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Ruins:city of immortal GAME

Plague outbreak! Rat infestation! Demon invasion! All kinds of crises challenge your castle management skills! Hundreds of heroes with unique fighting styles are waiting for you to try out their power! Thousands of equipment and outfit combinations to challenge your team-building skills! Select troops that you think best complement each other!

In the world of “Ruins”, players will help the new young lord of the Shadow Realm to manage the realm as a counselor. Rebuild the castle of the Shadow Realm that was destroyed by the Demon Legion, build and restore buildings to increase your lord’s reputation, and bring citizens back to their homeland to boost your realm's popularity. Form at team of unique adventurers to fight the Demon Legion and create a safe and pure land where people can live and work without fear.
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