Runeword finder for Diablo II APK

Gain an advantage over competing ladder players by keeping track of your runes!

Version2.1.2 (15)
UpdatedMay 29, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperLittle Blue Frog
CategoryApps, Tools

Runeword finder helps you gain an advantage over competing Diablo 2 ladder players by keeping track of your runes and offering a clear list of the runewords you can create.

Key points:
* Simple, yet powerful rune inventory system
* Displays all runewords, the ones you can make and the ones you can almost make
* Swipe through the runeword results
* Advanced filtering of runewords
* Display runeword minimum level requirement
* Lists which items (not just the types) can be used to create the runewords, easing your search
* Contains a quick reference to all Horadric Cube recipes involving Runes as well as rune statistics.
* Searchbar including (English) voice-based search

Email: support@littlebluefrog.nl

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