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Aug 30, 2022
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Loan amount: From ₹5,000 to ₹50,000
Interest rates: From 8% to 23.95% per annum
Tenure: 91 days to 12 months

Rupee Tiger is an Instant Personal Loan App & Credit Platform for Young Professionals across India, where you can apply for Instant Personal Loan Online & avail up to ₹50,000 as Direct Cash Transfer to Bank Account.

Rupee Tiger is a platform facilitating the loan transactions between the borrowers and the NBFCs/Banks. All loan applications are approved and sanctioned by NBFCs/Banks registered with RBI and communicated upfront during Loan application.

One of our primary partner NBFCs - Krazybee Services Private Limited is a Systemically Important NBFC within the group companies carrying the Rupee Tiger brand.

Loan Types

Flexi Personal Loan - A flexible loan option where you can avail loans within 10 minutes as direct bank transfer. All you need is your PAN Card & Address Proof to avail ₹5,000 to ₹50,000 for a tenure ranging from 91 days to 6 months.

Loan amount: Rs. 10,000
Tenure: 3 months
Interest Rate: 22% per annum
Processing Fee: Rs. 200 (2%)
GST on Processing Fees: Rs. 90
Total Interest: Rs.550(10,000*22%/12*3)
EMI: Rs. 3,517
Loan amount is Rs. 10,000. Disbursed amount is Rs. 9,710. Total loan repayment amount is Rs. 10,550


1. 100% Online process
2. Fast approval
3. Immediate bank transfer


1. Indian resident
2. Above the age of 21 years
3. Should have monthly source of income

How to get started

1. Install Rupee Tiger App
2. Create your account
3. Fill your basic details to check first level eligibility
4. Upload KYC documents - ID, Address Proof & PAN card
5. Avail Loan as bank transfer or E-voucher as per your request

Fees & Charges
Interest rates range from 8% to 23.95% with equivalent monthly interest rate of 0.67%-1.96% only.
A small processing fee is charged for loans e.g. for low risk customers 0% - 3% of the principal, for very high-risk customers 2.5% - 7%*.
Rupee Tiger charges one-time service fee while onboarding or during upgrade which is ₹20-₹350 depending on the risk profile.
*The charges and repayment tenures vary based on creditworthiness and repayment ability of the customers. Penalty is charged only when someone delays their scheduled payment.

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