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RuStore is a Russian store of mobile applications and games for Android, a reliable and safe alternative to the Google Play Store from VK and the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia. Service security and application verification with Kaspersky protection


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Jun 7, 2024
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RuStore for Androidis the only Russian app store regulated by the state. It will also be included in the list of mandatory programs for pre-installation on smartphones in Russia.

To date, more than a hundred mobile applications are already available in RuStore in the categories Government, Photo and Video, Health and Sports, Food and Drink, News, Transport, Entertainment, Education, Finance, Social, Weather, as well as mobile games.

Information security RuStore

VK and Mintsifra guarantee the availability and security of the marketplace. Ensuring the security of the entire service and the task of checking applications are entrusted to the Russian anti-virus vendor Kaspersky Lab.

  • A qualitatively new approach to content moderation.
  • Checking the code for vulnerabilities before publishing the application.
  • High level of protection against cyber threats.
  • Behavioral analysis of files if necessary.
  • Support 24/7:
The main advantages of RuStore for Android
  • Up-to-date versions of all necessary applications, games and services.
  • Opportunity to test the product before buying.
  • Seamless authorization using a familiar ID.
  • Purchase of content and payment in applications.
  • Preservation of the usual customer experience of using the store.
  • Transparent pricing and no hidden charges.
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