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Nov 24, 2023
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Sachait - India's #1 Women Saf APP

Sachait is India's #1 Women Safety App which will help you in stopping ✋🏼 the crime before it happens.

In any life threatening emergency situation, you will never get enough time to use your phone and press a panic button (SOS) on an app. Sachait solves this problem by empowering your emergency contacts to virtually keep an eye on you whenever you feel vulnerable or threatened, keeping you safe and enabling you to get help fastest in an emergency.

Top Features of Sachait Women Safety App

❗️ High Alert Mode
- Useful while walking alone or travelling in public transport at night or anytime you sense a possible threat
- Turning on the High Alert Mode will instantly share your Live Cam Feed, Live Audio and Live GPS location with your family/friends

📍 Advanced Location Sharing
- Useful for daily commuters, college going students and anyone who frequently travels to and from places like Home, Office, College, Gym
- Helps you to effortlessly coordinate with your loved ones and alert them when you arrive and leave from your frequently visited places.

🆘 Panic Button (SOS)
- Pressing the Panic Button (SOS) button instantly alerts your emergency contacts through call, SMS and notification
- Emergency contacts can view your Live Cam, Audio Feed and your Live Location within milliseconds

How is it different from other Women Safety apps?
All other apps -> Reactive (wait for the crime to happen)
Sachait -> Pre-emptive (when you sense a possible threat, your family/friends can watch over you and get help fastest)

Sachait Women Safety app aims to make India safer for women and helps you in stepping out with confidence, anytime! 💪🏼
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